Business Loan

The Community Futures Development Corporation operates as a source of financing when conventional business financing is not available.

To apply for a loan, you must:

  • Be planning to locate, start or expand business operations in the City or County of Peterborough
  • Present a viable business plan (Outline available in the business tools section)
  • Have Reasonable Security

Effective July 1, 2012, a $50 application fee is required by cash or cheque.

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We offer:

  • Loans of up to $150,000 to any single business
  • Micro Loans and Youth Loans
  • Reasonable interest rates
  • Flexible repayment schedules tailored to your cash flow

The Process:
To apply, you will need to complete our application form (available above or by fax or mail) and submit it with a copy of your business plan and the $50 application fee by cash or cheque.

Applications must be received by the first Tuesday of the month. The application will be reviewed by our office and you will be contacted for additional information if warranted.

Once all the pertinent information is received, the application will be summarized and presented to our Volunteer Board of Directors who meet the third Tuesday of every month.

The board will review and make recommendations for each loan application. A decision is made at the monthly board meeting and a response will be forthcoming to the applicant the same day.

Business Improvement Loan (BIL)

The Business Improvement Loan (BIL) has been developed by the Peterborough Community Futures Development Corporation (PCFDC) to assist local businesses and social enterprises with newly developed physical improvements to existing facilities to stimulate growth and further long-term development.

In order to qualify for a Business Improvement Loan you must meet specific criteria and follow the loan guidelines.

Guidelines & Criteria

Eligible Activities

BIL will help make a positive impression providing the opportunity to increase your bottom line.  Some areas in which funding with the BIL can be used include, but are not limited to:

  • a new sign on a store front
  • a renovation for the purpose of expanding a retail operation
  • the creation of a showroom or counter to add to your sales volume
  • upgrading of windows
  • a new demonstration facility for your operation
  • a ramp to help with customer accessibility
  • cosmetic improvement to a structure or space

There may be other activities which are involved in your project so ensure that all project costs are clearly detailed within your loan application.

Submission of Applications

Dependent on the availability of funding, applications will be considered on a continuous intake basis.  Please call our office at (705) 745-5434 to inquire about availability.

Application Process

The PCFDC may provide a non-interest bearing loan for up to 75% of the eligible project costs to a maximum of $7500.00 to the owner/operator or to the renter of a facility (with signed approval of the location's owner).  A 25% investment by the owner / operator / renter is a pre-requisite and must represent part of the initial investment.

Please complete the BIL Application Form and submit it to our office either in person, by fax or by mail.  The application will be reviewed by our office, a decision made and the applicant notified accordingly. 

Applications are Assessed on the Following Criteria

  • The applicant is the owner/operator, creator or renter of a local small or medium-sized business or social enterprise in the City or County of Peterborough.
  • If renting, the approval of the landlord / building owner is required.
  • Project includes eligibile activities (as previously outlined) or potentially similar types of work, which must be clearly described in the application.
  • PCFDC can provide up to $7500.00 in non-interest bearing loans.
  • Partnerships and projects with leveraged funds, whether in-kind or cash, will be given priority.  The 25% contribution by the applicant is a pre-requisite for the loan to be considered.
  • The PCFDC could extend additional funds to the owner / operator / renter at conventional interest rates.  The basis for this additional investment will be as per the traditional terms of PCFDC lending:  requiring Board approval, security and additional terms and conditions as is outlined on the Corporation's website,
  • Loans are subject to standard due diligence processes of the PCFDC.
  • Funds are limited and the program is dependent on availability.
  • All projects will be required to submit a final report that will include a summary of activities, leveraged funds, accomplishments of the project and a financial reconciliation.  Substantiation of claims may be required.
  • All applicants agree to provide business information, their name and the names of other principals involved in the BIL, and additional information if requested; and that this information may be accessed by the Government of Canada for its various uses.

BIL Application Form 

Businesses and social enterprises in the City or County of Peterborough are invited to complete the Business Improvement Loan (BIL) Application Form to request financial assistance with new physical improvements to existing facilities to stimulate business growth and further long-term development.

Simply stated BIL is about "Renovation, Restitution and Replacement".  The Peterborough Community Futures Development Corporation is looking to assist eligible organizations and businesses to undertake renovations, to re-instate facilities to the previous condition, and/or to update components visually seen by the public (example:  signage, windows, display area, etc.), resulting in the improvement/enhancement of the facility.

For complete details, please review the Guidelines and Criteria above.

Submission of BIL Application

  1. Download BIL Application Form from below
  2. Complete application
  3. Drop off, mail or fax your completed application to our office

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Micro Loan Program

Are you a small business looking for financial services including business planning, business loans and counseling on small business matters? Peterborough CFDC’s “micro loan” program might be for you.

As a federally funded community organization, the Peterborough CFDC understands the need that small business has for micro loans.

The Peterborough CFDC “micro loan” program provides qualified borrowers loans as low as $500 up to $10,000 for their business needs.

To qualify you must:

  • be at least 19 years old
  • work and live in Peterborough County
  • operate a legal, full or part-time business (seasonal included)
  • business leads to full-time sustainable employment


  • A completed loan application (available above) with $50 application fee
  • Completed Business Plan with 12 month cash flow
  • Business Registration documents
  • Proof of identity

Approvals are based on acceptable credit ratings and are
subject to CFDC’s prevailing interest rates.

Questions regarding the “micro loan” program can be addressed by contacting:

Tonya Kraan
General Manager